Baik Lifestyle Clothing
Projeto Gráfico para a marca de roupas e acessórios Baik, fundada em Florianópolis, Brasil.
Criação de naming, identidade visual, conceito de marca e estampas para Baik.

Baik Lifestyle Clothing 
Graphic design for the clothing and accessories brand Baik, founded in Florianópolis, Brazil.Creation of naming, visual identity, brand concept and prints for Baik.


Naming: The adjective 'baik' in Indonesian is used when talking about human beings (people) and their inner quality.Situations and Relationships.

The Fig Tree: In Indonesia, the fig tree symbolizes unity within diversity.It is said that it was under that same tree that Buddha attained enlightenment.

The logo forms the Mandala of the Tree of represents vitality, strength and the ability to overcome challenges.

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